The Beginning

The Aurora Country Club began in 1922. A group of men and women bought the 47 1/2 Acre tract from Martha Whiting Cassell. Legal title was taken on January 18th, 1922, in J.J. Refshauge’s name and later transferred to First Trust Company who issued 110 trust certificates at $100.00 each, raising $11,000. $10,000 for the land and $1,000 extra for expenses and construction of greens, tees and bunkers.

  • The golf course was laid out by Stanley Davies, gold pro at Omaha Field Club, work on the golf course was mostly work of the members.
  • In 1923 the property was transferred to J.J. Reinhart, County Attorney. Two mortgages were made to First Trust Co., one $5,500 and one $1,500. The $7,000 was used to construct the first club house, much of the work completed by members.
  • A Constitution, By-Laws and Rules were adopted in March of 1933. Firs name was Aurora Country Club Association.
  • The Depression years of 1930’s were difficult years and by 1938 only 20 stock holders remained.
  • in 1938 a meeting of some of the stock holders decided to organize The New Aurora Country Club.
  • The New Aurora Country Club was to lease the club and grounds from corporation for $500 per year. By March 28th , 1938 76 members signed up at $12.50 dues.
  • Meal service started in 1949 but had difficulties until kitchen equipment was installed and liquor license was secured in 1965.
  • In 1967 new grass greens were installed.


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