Review of 2020 Operations

The following is a listing of the course improvements, projects, and other uses of funds during 2020:

Course Improvements

  • Built a new forward tee box on #1
  • Improved the intermediate tee box on #6
  • Removed 17 trees
  • Planted 20 trees

2020 was a challenging but fulfilling year here at the course. We went from one of the wettest years on record in 2019 to one of the drier years on record in 2020. 

     Our greens have come a long way and are very close to being 100% filled back in. My main focus was to get our greens back and learn how to deal with our ongoing issues on them. While our issues are chronic and will always be around, I feel like we are more prepared than ever to manage and improve these problems going forward. 

     I would like to thank everyone for supporting us and especially those volunteers who have helped throughout the year. My employees, thank you for the hard work and dedication this past year. I could not have a better group to work with. Without everyone’s help the course wouldn’t look as good as it does! Thank you all so much!

     Our 2 main issues going forward will be the greens and the irrigation system, and those areas will be my main focus moving forward. We also have over 20 more trees that will need to be taken out and that is also a high priority going in to 2021 and beyond.

     With continued support we can continue to improve the golf experience here at Poco and hopefully make it an enjoyable experience for everyone! Thank you all again!

Ben Meyer, Superintendent 

Outlook for 2021 and Beyond…..

We still have projects and goals that need to be addressed and require our attention and planning.  The following is a list of those projects and goals we feel need attention in the near future:

Coming 2021……………………..

Aurora Community Clubhouse

  • Update will be discussed as an agenda item later in the meeting.

Debt Reduction

This year we will again include a line on every member’s dues statement giving them the opportunity to support the course by contributing to the Debt Reduction Fund.  Money collected from this line will go towards assisting us in making our normal debt payments and hopefully beyond.  We understand some can contribute more than others but would encourage EVERY member to help out no matter the dollar amount.  When you receive your dues statement, please consider doing your part and supporting your course.

Membership Numbers and Dues

  • We saw a slight decrease in our overall membership last year which is reflected in our decreased membership revenue.  We feel this is in large part due to the COVID-19 pandemic and should not reflect on the increases in membership we have experienced over the last couple of years.
  • The board has proposed no increase in the membership rates for 2021 (as shown on the Proposed 2021 Dues/Fees). 
  • We are once again asking for our memberships help. We are asking that every member try to bring on new members or talk former members into coming back.  We will be offering $100 off the price of any level of membership to any new members for 2021 to try and increase our numbers.  We need more members to sustain our operation.

Open Cart Stalls

  • We continue to have numerous cart stalls open, taking with it needed revenue. 
  • If you or anyone you know may be interested in a cart stall, please let us know.

In Closing…………

The Board would like to thank everyone for their support and hard work over the past year.  Whether you contributed financially, through spring cleanup or simply provided words of support, it is all appreciated.  The Board will continue to strive to make our course a better place to enjoy golf.

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