Review of 2019 Operations

The following is a listing of the course improvements, projects, and other uses of funds during 2019:

  • Equipment Purchased
    • Sprayer ($3,150)
    • Range Ball Picker ($2,650)
  • Course Improvements
    • Added a cart path east of the creek by #7 green
    • Removed deteriorating cart path on #5 with the addition of the bridge
    • Removed dirt mounds in front of #8 green to improve drainage
    • Installed drain tile around #4, #5, #7, and #9 greens to improve drainage

Course Superintendent Review of 2019 Season

As you already know, if you depend on Mother Nature for your job, 2019 was a challenge. With record amounts of rain, and hot and humid conditions, the golf course was no exception. Mike and I worked very hard to make conditions playable despite the hand we were dealt from Mother Nature.

I would like to thank everyone helped with our projects in 2019. Tim Tyma, Kirk Erickson, Pat Shaw, Dave Emken, Jim Holtzen, Mike Nelson, Andrew Fischer, Chris Beins, the Board Members, and everyone else that came out and helped. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, without people like you, these projects and improvements wouldn’t be possible.

As everyone is aware, we had some issues with our greens this year. The good news is that we diagnosed the problem and we are better prepared to fight this issue going forward. The bad news is that this has been an issue in the past and will be an issue moving forward. The old greens (#s 1, 2, 5 through 9 and the practice greens) do not have drainage tile underneath them. What that means is that any excess water sits in the ground and doesn’t get flushed out. When it gets humid that creates fungus, in this case in the soil itself and causes the spots on the greens we are seeing, which is called root rot. There is a chemical to fight this, but it is expensive. Spraying this as a preventive is optimal, but that would require applying every 14-28 days depending on conditions.

The plan moving forward is to continue with an aggressive aeration and sanding program to promote healthy turf, while slowly changing the profile of our soil, and spraying for root rot when conditions are optimal or as soon as we see a breakthrough. Also not having record breaking precipitation would really help as well.

I greatly appreciate the patience and support everyone has given me, and I can assure you we are doing everything we can to make this course the best it can be, and we will continue to make progress and improvements! Thank you!

Ben Meyer, Superintendent

Outlook for 2020 and Beyond…..

We still have projects and goals that need to be addressed and require our attention and planning.  The following is a list of those projects and goals we feel need attention in the near future:

Coming 2020……………………..

  • Debt Reduction

This year we will again include a line on every member’s dues statement giving them the opportunity to support the course by contributing to the Debt Reduction Fund.  Money collected from this line will go towards assisting us in making our normal debt payments and hopefully beyond.  We understand some can contribute more than others, but would encourage EVERY member to help out no matter the dollar amount.  When you receive your dues statement, please consider doing your part and supporting your course.

  • Membership Numbers and Dues
    • Once again, we saw a slight increase in our overall membership last year which is reflected in our increased membership revenue. We feel this is a reflection of the improved course conditions as well as the existing members recruiting new members and bringing back previous ones.
    • The board has proposed no increase in the membership rates for 2020 (as shown on the Proposed 2020 Dues/Fees).
    • We are once again asking for our memberships help. We are asking that every member try to bring on new members or talk former members into coming back.  We will be offering $100 off the price of any level of membership to any new members for 2020 to try and increase our numbers.  We need more members to sustain our operation.
  • Open Cart Stalls
    • We continue to have numerous cart stalls open, taking with it needed revenue.
    • If you or anyone you know may be interested in a cart stall, please let us know.
  • Building Update
    • We are continuing to research and discuss ways to fund a new club house. Further updates will be discussed as an agenda item later in the meeting.

In Closing…………

The Board would like to thank everyone for their support and hard work over the past year.  Whether you contributed financially, through spring cleanup or simply provided words of support, it is all appreciated.  The Board will continue to strive to make our course a better place to enjoy golf.

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