Review of 2018 Operations

The following is a listing of the course improvements, projects, and other uses of funds during 2018:

  • New Cart Bridge on Hole #5 (Donation)

Due to a generous donation to the course from a member, we were able to build an additional cart bridge on the south side of Hole #5 green crossing the creek. The construction was completed by course members Jim Holtzen, Dave Emken, and Rendy Friesen.

  • Updated & Additional Rental Carts

The board of directors signed a 36 month lease with Buresh Golf & Equipment for 12 – 2012 Club Car Precedent Gas Golf Cars. Our previous rental cart lease expired in the fall of 2017. The carts are approximately $10.00 less per cart per month then our previous lease. We leased four additional carts to alleviate availability issues.

  • Addition of Practice Bunker

We created bunker to the southeast of the practice chipping green. This addition will allow for our members and/or high school golf teams to practice their sand shots in which we previously didn’t accommodate. Construction was completed by course members Mike Nelson, Kirk Erickson, Tim Tyma, Selena Longoria, and Course Superintendent Ben Meyer.

  • Purchased 2008 Toro 4000D – 11’-0” Rough Mower

With the purchase of the mower we are now able to mow all of the rough in 10 hours. The addition allowed us to eliminate one part-time position, as well as reduce the cost of fuel from last year. Jim Holtzen and Dave Emken volunteered their time and labor to provide the mower with a new paint job.

  • Course Condition
    • We put a lot of time and effort into improving and maintaining the course condition in 2018.
    • The greens and fairways were in good condition this fall.
    • We also made a lot of progress on the condition of #4. We continue to richen the soil which seems to be helping the grass fill in.
    • This winter we have again shut the greens off from winter play and installed temporary pins.
    • The tarps did not seem to make a difference on the greens last season, so we opted to leave them off this winter.
    • Received multiple compliments from members as well as non-members on the condition of the course this past season.
  • Planted Trees / Removed Diseased Trees
    • Planted 6 new trees. 3 Sycamore (45’ diameter at maturity) and 3 red sunset maple (40’ diameter at maturity). The trees were planted by course members Jim Clarke, Ryan Sherwood, and Course Superintendent Ben Meyer.
    • Trees were planted by West side of #3 green, North side of #4 green, West side of FW on #5, Southwest side of #7 green, West side of #8 green, and Southeast of #9 green.
    • We removed roughly 10-12 trees this past fall due to disease.

Outlook for 2019 and Beyond…..

We still have projects and goals that need to be addressed and require our attention and planning.  The following is a list of those projects and goals we feel need attention in the near future:

Coming 2019……………………..

  • Green Conditions

Beginning in 2019 we are going to start addressing the issues we have with our greens. The current soil mixture requires an abundant amount of water to keep the greens alive which also makes them softer and slower than most desire. The significant amount of water that is currently required also creates drainage issues around the greens, increasing the susceptibility for disease and insects. We will be integrating an aggressive aerification, top-dressing and fertilizer plan in an attempt to resolve these issues. The goal is to aerify no less than 3 times a year and top-dress every 10-14 days throughout the season. The aerification will allow the soil to receive the proper amount of oxygen necessary. Following the aerification by top-dressing with sand shall change the soil composition over time. This process should make the greens less dependent of water and more resilient by allowing the water to better penetrate the soil while retaining it in the plant’s roots. This is not a quick fix. This process is going to take time, dedication, patience, and understanding. Top-dressing every 10-14 days will help improve the speed and roll of the greens while also helping control poa.

  • Debt Reduction

This year we will again include a line on every member’s dues statement giving them the opportunity to support the course by contributing to the Debt Reduction Fund.  Money collected from this line will go towards assisting us in making our normal debt payments and hopefully beyond.  We understand some can contribute more than others, but would encourage EVERY member to help out no matter the dollar amount.  When you receive your dues statement, please consider doing your part and supporting your course.

  • Membership Numbers and Dues
    • Once again we saw an increase in our overall membership last year which is reflected in our increased membership revenue. We feel this is a reflection of the improved course conditions as well as the existing members recruiting new members, and bringing back previous ones.
    • The board has proposed to make a minimal increase of the membership rates for 2019 (as shown on the Proposed 2019 Dues/Fees).
    • We are once again asking for our memberships help. We are asking that every member try to bring on new members or talk former members into coming back.  We will be offering $100 off the price of any level of membership to any new members for 2019 to try and increase our numbers.  We need more members to sustain our operation.
  • Open Cart Stalls
    • We continue to have numerous cart stalls open, taking with it needed revenue.
    • If you or anyone you know may be interested in a cart stall, please let us know.
  • Equipment
    • As many of you are aware some of our crucial pieces of equipment have aged or are aging and beginning to wear and even fail. This is an issue that we will continually need to address.
    • We are going to try to put together a plan to slowly upgrade equipment as allowed, keeping in mind our finances and needs.
    • We have been extremely fortunate in receiving donations of equipment from members over the years, these donations have saved us thousands of dollars. We would once again like to thank those members.

In Closing…………

The Board would like to thank everyone for their support and hard work over the past year.  Whether you contributed financially, through spring cleanup or simply provided words of support, it is all appreciated.  The Board will continue to strive to make our course a better place to enjoy golf.


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